About jolly.lv 

         We - women are often confronted with the problem,that we should have to spend a lot of time walking in supermarkets and searching for the real one bag we have intended for a particular situation. When you realize have seen dozens of uniform and monotous bags, you start to undersantd, that only store names are different, but the bags remain the same. If our patience does not fail, then finally we find the suitable bag, we often see that its price is not in line what we expect, and that we will not be expecting the next addition to the wardrobe so soon after this purchase.   

      Therefore, with pleasure and pride, we want to introduce you to our family company - the internet store jolly.lv. Our aim is to help you, dear ladies, find everything you need in one shop, at far lower prices than in supermarkets, saving your time and money. We offer a wide range of bags and accessories, for each taste, desire, and needs. 

      Our products are supplied from foreign manufacturers and it's stand out with high quality, modern design anas well fast delivery. In the product range, we offer products from producers whose quality we have tested orselves. Shopping for us is simple, you choose a product, design an order and we take care of everything else. We offer delivery through Omniva and DPD parcels machines, this is a great way of get the product as close to your place of residence as you need, do not need to go one specific delivery point, but you choose the most suitable and closest home. 

        Wish you enjoyable shopping the internet store jolly.lv!